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Hardware: i7-3930k + i7-2600k + i7-950

Software: Daz Studio 4.6 + PS

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Favorite of all favorites: Lucille Frances Ryan Lawless, aka Xena Warrior Princess.

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Favorite stars: Etsuko Shihomi, Yukari Oshima, Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Khan, Brigitte Lin, Brenda Strong, Dina Meyer, Kate Beckingsale, Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Bruce Campbell, Tim Curry, Sam Neil, Amanda Tapping, Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Terry Farrel.

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Favorite gaming platform: PC, Xbox360.



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Fire and Ice by vatorx
Fire and Ice
Season 1 - Episode 8

The USS Atalanta breaks orbit leaving the USS Dumont behind on a survey mission.

Captain's log, stardate 58384.8

We have safely transported Commander Naz'hul along with the required equipment to the USS Dumont. I'm sure her expertise will prove of great value in the survey of Eridas II. It was fortunate to be in the vicinity of the system while the Dumont informed Starfleet of their discovery. The Commander was anxious to begin research as soon as we received our orders from Starfleet. I regret that we'll miss her expertise for at least three weeks. But if they can find a safe way to extract the dilithium from below the ice layer of the planet, it will undoubtedly become one of the Federation's most valuable resource locations. Lieutenant Dah'lek will fill in for her as chief science officer for the duration of this assignment.

In the meantime we'll proceed to Theta Asvenis in the Seiko system for a diplomatic mission. We are to provide transport and accommodations for one of their Ambassadors and a full delegation. The Federation wants to establish trade routes with them; so we have extended an invitation to meet on board the Atalanta and begin negotiations. I will be representing the Federation during the preliminary talks. If I'm successful we'll proceed to Starbase 247, where Senator Tominaga can join us and help complete the treaty.


:bulletred: Star Trek Atalanta series…

Notes: The memories from the Dominion war are still very fresh in Lai-Ying's mind, so unlike many captains she does enjoy diplomatic occasions. She gets a chance to excercise her communication skills, and it often results in pleasant gatherings. As opposed to the horrors of war, it does sound much more pleasant.

Credits: Models by thefirstfleet | Conversion to DS by mattymanx | Background planet stock by the-danzor here
Mayonnaise on regular burgers with cheddar cheese ?
12 deviants said Yes, absolutely
9 deviants said No, YUCK !
Atalanta Galaxy Mess Hall by vatorx
Atalanta Galaxy Mess Hall
A usual gathering of officers in one of the mess halls, after a shift has ended. You can see the XO, the Doctor, the Science Officer and the Chief Engineer among other members of the crew.

The Atalanta had a ten-forward section but it was blown up during the war, so it was reconstructed somewhat different. The original ten-forward section was sealed for cargo, avoiding the windows, in order to make the repairs easier. Smaller sections on a deck below were designated as mess halls and the crew usually gathers there.

Replacement II by vatorx


:bulletred: Star Trek Atalanta series…

Notes: There's 16 figures on the scene, all V4s and M4s. This used 13 gigs of ram on Daz Studio 4.6 --it might look a bit saturated depending on your monitor settings.

Credits: Vulcan hair, Klingon uniform/Vulcan clothes/Bolian skin textures by mylochka | Starfleet props by rduda | Starship mess hall by 3-d-c | Alien morphs by DarioFish
Clear and Present Danger II by vatorx
Clear and Present Danger II
Season 1 - Episode 16

The Klingon high council has requested the presence of a Federation starship at one of its outposts. They claim to have found artifacts of early Borg design, from a time when the Borg were not a collective. The crew of the Atalanta must confirm or deny this bizarre discovery by traveling to the edge of Klingon and Romulan space.

Clear and Present Danger by vatorx Night Terrors by vatorx Clear and Present Danger III by vatorx


:bulletred: Star Trek Atalanta series…

Notes: This is the third card for episode 16, following the traditional TNG arrangement, there should 3 cards per episode.

Credits: Klingon uniform textures by mylochka | Starfleet props by rduda | Briefing room by 3-d-c | Galaxy master systems display by Lcarsgfx here
 | Klingon forhead morph by someone at sharecg

Mayonnaise on regular burgers with cheddar cheese ? 

12 deviants said Yes, absolutely
9 deviants said No, YUCK !


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